Sirotan Fan

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 A USB fan that has a cute white design, a compact size, and can be held by hand or on a desktop. 

・ Handheld & desktop combined 
・ Maximum continuous use 8 hours 
・ Powerful 6 blades 
・ USB cable rechargeable 
・ Air volume - 3 speed
・ Adjustable 

Charging method: Lithium ion storage battery 
Charging time: about 4 hours 
Continuous use time: about 2.5 hours to 8 hours 
External dimensions: about 105 × 213 × 37mm 
body weight: about 170g (body only) 
Material: ASB (body)・ PP (feather) 
set contents: Body ・ Charging USB cable ・ Strap 

[Charging method] 
・ Connect the USB plug of the charging USB cable to the USB port of a PC or mobile battery or the USB output port of a mobile battery . 
Insert the microUSB plug of the USB cable for charging into the micro port on the side of the main unit. 
• When charging is complete (indicator lit green), remove the charging cable from the main unit. 

【how to use】
• Double-clicking the power switch (pressing twice in succession) will light the indicator (blue) and start operation. 
・ The air flow changes each time the power switch is pressed. 
Rhythm style → Weak → Medium → Strong → OFF 
・ You can also turn off the power by pressing and holding the power switch for 3 seconds during operation.  









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